Monday, November 5, 2012

Mitt Romney Makes Education Pitch In Final Days Before Election

“When I am president, I will be a voice of the children and their parents. There is no union for the PTA.” “I will give parents the information they need to know if their school is failing, and the choice they need to pick the school where their child can succeed.”
"If I'm president of the United States, instead of just giving lip service to improving our schools, I will actually put the kids first and the union behind in giving our kids better teachers, better options and better choices for a better future." 
"The president can't have it both ways: He can't talk up reform, while indulging the groups that block it," he added later, in the speech on education. "He can't be the voice of disadvantaged public school kids, and the protector of special interests."
What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Mr Romey needs to take that silver spoon out of his mouth and join the real world of working people. People who have actually gotten somewhere in their lives by their own sweat and dedication.