Sunday, March 31, 2013

Public Hearing on Innovation Schools

On Monday April 1st @ 6:00 pm, there will be a continuation of last night’s special school committee meeting at Keith Middle School on the proposed Innovation schools.

There is no other agenda for the evening, therefore it should continue from where we left off.  The remainder of the individuals who signed up for public comment should be allowed their opportunity to speak.

We hope to see the same great outpouring of concern from our community, and hope to come to a resolution to this important matter.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's easier than a charter application. You only need to find a Nb committee person who doesn't care about conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

MediaWatch: Where’s the News?
by whalingcitywatch

We've been waiting for the Dying Daily to run a story on the Innovation Schools hearing that was held last Wednesday at Keith Middle School.

WBSM, to their credit, gave the evening extensive coverage. Taylor Cormier's stories were fair and accurate.

We're troubled that there has been no mention in the city's only daily newspaper of a public meeting in which over one hundred people sought to have their voices heard. When was the last time that a public hearing had to be carried over to a second evening?

Perhaps the Dying Daily is miffed that New Bedford's hard-working teachers have come together to fight proposals that the UIA, the power élite, and the paper have tried to ram down their throats. So Bob Unger and his band of pseudo-journalists ignored the story.

Another explanation is our daily paper made a serious miscalculation and deemed that the hearing wasn't "newsworthy."

Could it be that the Dying Daily can't afford to send a part-time, minimum wage reporter to important events?

All of these scenarios don't reflect well on the paper. When the public loses confidence in a media outlet, their demise can't be far behind.