Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our students need everything we can provide them and more ... submitted by a member

I am beyond upset. The city council will not use city reserves to plug
the school department's deficit.

I ask, "Isn't this the same group of people who voted to give
themselves a 44% pay raise?!"

Is there a teacher out there who has seen that type of pay increase
in their entire career? Ask any teacher today how they fund prizes for
their students, how they get supplies for projects, how they maintain an
up to date classroom library to spark their students interests in reading.
If you get an answer other than out of their own pockets, I would be
more than shocked. Do you ever hear how much they give? Teachers put
so very much of their paychecks back into their classroom. They
purchase, what many consider, basics that they are told their is NO
money for.

Our teachers are constantly under fire. They hear of all the poor
scores, the low attendance rates, the high drop-out rates. They are told
they have the summers off paid ( a misconception that infuriates these
hard working people).

The city council needs to think wisely, and consider seriously what
they do with the raises they gave themselves, because I doubt very
much that they will be getting the votes of teachers when re-election
time rolls around.

Our students need everything we can provide them and more. The
refusal to provide funding for basic school needs should be looked upon
as criminal. The classroom teacher knows VERY well how to budget!
Neither they nor the city's children deserve to be punished because of
financial management problems well out of their reach.

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