Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RETELL Update from DESE

Dear Colleagues,

We have several updates regarding the RETELL initiative.

1.      On February 25th, we began an extensive statewide pilot of the SEI Endorsement course in Cohort 1 districts. We have been receiving valuable feedback from various quarters and, in response, are making some important mid-course adjustments. Within the next couple days, course instructors will be receiving guidance on the following :
·        Reducing  the amount of homework required in the remaining sessions; and
·        Eliminating the automatic grading penalties assessed for tardiness to class.
In addition to the changes listed above, the course will undergo more substantive revisions this summer in time for implementation of fall course sections.

2.      The Department has now posted RETELL FAQs at the RETELL website:  http://www.doe.mass.edu/retell/

3.      We recognize that many Cohort 2 districts are anxiously awaiting information from the Department regarding the implementation of RETELL in fall 2013. The Department is preparing a communiqué regarding RETELL implementation for distribution to Cohort 2 districts and it will be distributed as soon as possible.

4.      I have also attached our updated instructor recruitment flyer. As noted in prior communications, if your district staff includes exemplary ELL leaders and/or teachers who have the instructional skills and content expertise to serve as professional development trainers and champions for effective SEI, we urge you encourage them to apply for pre-qualification to serve as RETELL Course Instructors, and enroll them in our instructors’ training program. Superintendents may recommend applicants for approval as district-designated trainers. District-designated trainers will be reserved to train the district’s own staff, except where the Superintendent has given the Department his/her OK for the individual to train elsewhere. We have scheduled three additional webinars to guide potential applicants through the Comm-PASS application procedures:
·        4/11 at 2:30 p.m
·        4/30 at 2:30 p.m.
·        5/21 at 2:30 p.m.


Jonathan Landman
Assistant Commissioner for Teaching and Learning
(781) 338-3809

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Anonymous said...

I'll never understand why the MTA is on board with this. Did they do anything to fight this requirement? Were they given a large sum of money for compliance?