Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Modest Proposal

A Call to Create “Charter” Police and Fire Stations, brought to you by Democrats for Public Safety Reform (DFPSR)

By Colum Whyte 
The status quo is not working. “Something” has to be done. Generous direct “donations” from the Waltons and Kochs, as well as strong support from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) have helped “Citizens First” realize our goals. Truly, public safety is a civil right; we shall overcome. Citizens First proposes a national movement to ensure that no citizen ever have to rely on union-stifled police officers or firefighter again. For too long the patrolman and firefighters unions have stifled innovation in our neediest municipalities. We need reform.
Studies show that the US is not safe, and we rank near the bottom of international rankings as defined by the Public Safety Metric (PSM). Bold action needs to be taken.
Citizens First, in conjunction with our affiliates at AEI, propose a trailblazing new vision of Public Safety Reform. Our lobbying networks have dubbed our reform efforts No Citizen Left Behind. Below is a synopsis of how our federal legislation will work to ensure national safety proficiency for all by 2025.

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