Wednesday, June 19, 2013

City Council Approves Gap Funding for School Budget | WBSM

City Councilors unanimously approved a $3.5 million dollar transfer Tuesday, to help the School Department close a budget gap for the fiscal year ending on June 30th.


Marlene's Sideshow said...

I find it curious that School Committee member Marlene Pollock would make comments on the radio and in the newspaper regarding her essential “ignorance” of the school department’s budget issues. Comments such as the cutting of 52 positions at New Bedford High School should be considered an opportunity rather than harmful. She also made comments on the radio stating that she was merely a “volunteer” and doesn’t really understand the budget.
Really?!!!! Does she really think the populous of New Bedford is going to buy that excuse? What did she think her role would be when she ran for election? This isn’t her first year either. It seems to me that she chooses to be ignorant to some budgetary issues rather than others. She and her hand puppet Jack Livramento seem to be okay with fiduciary responsibility when it comes to FULLY funding the Innovation school at Gomes- their “pet” project. They were soooo concerned with the need for Arts where that school was concerned, but what about the hit these budget cuts will make to the rest of the district? Ventriloquism and slight of hand card tricks don’t bode well for the real world.

Anonymous said...

The first round of pink slips went out prior to June 15. These were people on waivers and non renewal recommendations. The City Council voted to “plug the hole” with the release of $3.5 million to pay out the salaries of teachers for the rest of this fiscal year- money already earned. The School Department will have to make some more drastic cuts to try and balance a budget for next year, FY2013-2014. This means many more pink slips will be going out. Hopefully, this will occur soon so those RIF’d can look for a job elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

What does this mean to the rest of us? The loss of some really great and innovative teachers. We will have to do more with less. Fewer supplies, more students in each class, fewer class offerings, cuts to co-curricular and extracurricular activities is what it means. The Committee says that enrollment is down at NBHS. Why one may ask? The Committee continues to make cuts to programs that make NBHS competitive and attractive to student. They listen to political whisperings rather than listen to the recommendations of the people who actually work with students. Even the newly created and highly successful Engineering Academy at NBHS is in jeopardy because of these cuts. The students in that program are competing at a national level against other high schools and even some colleges and WINNING. NBHS has Division 1 Athletics program that was once one of the best in the state. Due to cuts, the feeder programs are almost non-existent and our level of competition has fallen. Some students’ first introduction to competitive athletics is at the high school level, how can you maintain the level of competition without the experience? Same with the music program, especially band. The high school band which was once several hundred strong, now struggles with membership due to cuts in the feeder programs as well. Courses like the aeronautics, world languages, AP courses, digital photography, computers, theatre arts, to name a few, have taken major hits or been completely decimated over the years. Students with a choice are going to attend a school that has the options they want to make them competitive for future employment, a college education and beyond.

Anonymous said...

For someone who claims she is about what is best for the children of New Bedford, Pollock has really dropped the ball. When she, and her partner in crime Jack Livramento, were elected, it was to FAIRLY represent ALL the New Bedford Public Schools. We have all had a taste of what they consider fair. Research the role of the School Committee “ Punch & Judy”, aka, Marlene and Jack, you need to know something about the school department budget- you oversee the spending. You can’t claim ignorance when it was the job you were elected to do. Seems we are “pink slipping” the wrong people- too bad we can’t pink slip them. We have to wait for Election Day and I say vote against the ventriloquist and her puppet AND anyone they support, because you know they will be singing the same tune. Leave New Bedford Marlene. Go do your side show in Atlantic City or Vegas- we’ve had enough of you here!

Anonymous said...

Guess the employees of NBPS can breathe a sigh of relief - the City Council, after many delays and B.S., approved the money to cover the short fall. That only takes care of this year - what about next year's "bare bones" school department budget? As of yesterday no one has been pinked slipped - what is that all about? Come on Mayor Mitchell and School Committee - where are the answers to these burning questions?

Anonymous said...

Marlene was more worried about the Family Engagement Center not being open than the size of the classes.

Her sidekick, Jack L., suggested to have volunteers come in and help especially retired teachers. Why doesn't he volunteer? What a Jackass!!!!

I fear that the FY14 budget will also have a deficit at the end of the upcoming new school year.

Show your disapproval of how this School Committee and Mayor operate and attend the School Committee meetings.

Anonymous said...

Question: Of the newly approved $109 million budget which is short funded by $1+ million, remember some of the School Committee members want the City Council to add that number to the budget which they (S/C) just submitted, how much will be coming off the top for the Global Learning Public Charter School and the Alma de Mar Public Charter School? That figure never seems to come out during the discussion.

Also, how much has been set aside for the innovation school?

What is left for the rest of the district?

Wait until the City on the Hill Charter School opens. The rest of the district will be working with crumbs. But lets add another administrator--money for that.