Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UMass Dartmouth Expresses an Interest in Forming a Partnership with NBPS: submitted by a member

UMass Dartmouth is reaching out into the community and asking educators how they can assist us in the restricting of not only our district, but educator preparation programs as well. This is referred to as the Advisory Group of Community Leaders and Stakeholders. UMass Dartmouth will work along side us as we provide innovative ways to improve literacy, incorporate more technology into the curriculum, and apply for federal funding to support student achievement. 
This is an invitation to voice your thoughts, ideas, and hopes for our district!
Thank you. You are now part of our living research!


Anonymous said...

Be practical. Doesn't it make sense that the district look at its internal resources first, and maximize this potential, rather than bring on board more unnecessary expenses? We are surrounded by numerous committed individuals who really care about this district. Tap into those resources, NBPS.

New incentives, WIDA, RETELL & SEI Endorsement, license renewal, new teacher evaluations, State and district walk-throughs, protocols, drop-out rates, poor resources, lack of technology, no pay raise, class size, expectations, no continuity and communication, low morale, broken promises, lack of leadership, does not follow through, and on it goes.

Thank you, UMass Dartmouth for expressing interest in an alliance/partnership. You will thoroughly enjoy tapping into our funds of knowledge and exploring innovative ways to transform literacy through technology. As scholars, we can attest that a strong literacy foundation is a fundamental, and crucial element of the restructuring phase. Data will drive instruction as we strategically progress in attainment of our goals!!!

Teachers, share your ideas! What do you want for our district? How can we maximize your potential?

Professional learning communities, professional membership with access to research databases, colloquiums, mentorships, smart boards, microphones, laptops, document cameras, exemplars, literacy leaders, easily adapts to change, accountability for all, and most importantly, eager to embrace progression in a new direction!

Anonymous said...

I have a very special teacher but is American she makes an effort to be able to teach all students in every language at the school, she learned to spend time to speak Portuguese, Spanish, Cape Verdean, and among other languages, I hope that you do not forget of me or of all others, continues with this thy gentleness and never lose your faith.

Anonymous said...

ESL student wrote:

teacher of New Bedford High School and thanks for everything you had done for me , thank you very much

Anonymous said...

We are breaking new ground. Hurrah for NBPS educators, especially high school!

We may be a model district others look to for success!

David Ferreira - BusinessTeacher said...

I believe any initiative that involves technology from Elementary school on is a fantastic idea!

I taught at NBHS last year in the Business Department and I was astonished at how little my Juniors and Seniors knew about Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. I understand that may not be a fair representation of the total High School, but I had at least 110 students.

I am Microsoft Certified in all three and was planning to offer these classes next year. Unfortunately I, and many others, received a pink slip at the end of the school year due to budget issues. With that being said that leaves one teacher, Certified in Microsoft Word, at the High School. When will High School students learn and apply these skills? I am not putting one course over another, but not every student is going to college right after HS, so the more prepared to immediately enter the workforce the better off they will be. I am happy to hear that the graduation requirements might change to incorporate MASSCORE / “College to Career Readiness”. I feel this will prepare students for the workforce and be immediately beneficial to students graduating.

I applaud the initiative by UMass!