Thursday, January 9, 2014

A message…to ALL the teachers in the New Bedford School System; Submitted to NBEA

To the members of the Educator Associations that have voiced their supportand to ALL the teachers in Massachusetts… heed the warning and spread the word!


It’s time to take the fight to the people who can make a difference! Governor Deval Patrick along with the state legislators can change this law (MGL Ch.69). This situation goes beyond the local school board, mayor and superintendent—the changes must come from the state level.

You, the teachers in school systems across Massachusetts should be concerned about your own jobs as well as the jobs of those of us in New Bedford. What is happening to the teachers at New Bedford High School could easily happen to you. If your school’s designation drops to a Level 4, you too, could face the loss of your job, according to MGL Ch. 69 Section 1J.  An Act Relative to the Achievement Gap was signed into Massachusetts law in January 2010. This law allows that the superintendent may…”require all staff to reapply for employment”. All staff…the veteran teacher with the spotless record as well as the “newbie” fresh out of college.  DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!

All Massachusetts teachers should contact their state legislators as well as Governor Patrick.  A grassroots movement is needed to get this law changed.

We must work together to impress upon OUR elected officials to do what is right. Right for their constituency, right for teachers, right for the students of Massachusetts!

If we work together, we can make a change!


Contact the governor at—

Contact the legislators at—




Anonymous said...

The MTA, AFT, and NEA need to also get involved. Where are they in all this?

Anonymous said...

Where are our brothers and sisters from the surrounding towns? We could sure use your support at this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

You might want to tap into your more recently retired teaching population as well...they have the time to help and are certainly aware of your system's issues,