Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Elephant's New Clothes: Governor Deval Patrick ears from The Elephant.

"It is easier and safer for politicians to remain neutral and do nothing. For NBPS that means that either a student or a teacher will have to be taken out in a body bag before a local or state official takes a proactive stance in the matter. As a government and a society we talk a good game with "anti-bullying" propaganda but when it comes down to brass tax - we turn a blind eye toward the "weaker" members of our society. The apathy and indifference of our elected officials likens them to the "alpha" members of a wolf pack who exist only for the purpose of being "top dog" rather than coming to the assistance of the many "underdogs" among the pack. This is a myopic view which will ultimately prove to be the downfall of the mayor, school committee and superintendent of schools in the City of New Bedford."

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