Friday, May 9, 2014

“Blowback”, Mr. Mayor? I think not! ... Submitted by a member

Is Mayor Mitchell serious? Does he need a new PR manager? Is he really this out of touch with the teachers or is his ego so inflated that he lives as a legend of his own mind? His sound bite on WBSM spoke that maybe the teachers would not have voted “NO CONFIDENCE” in Dr. Durkin had they not been afraid of “blowback” from the union. Really, from the union? It is not the union the teachers fear retribution from. It is the administration they fear.  That is why so many teachers felt more comfortable going to the NBEA to cast their votes rather than take the chance of being seen attending the meeting on Friday at Keith.

The Mayor along with WBSM’s Phil and the ST need to understand that teachers do not fear change. We live it everyday as each one of our students has different needs and their lives have situations that change daily. We as educators adapt. No, we fear unethical retaliation by those administrators who care more about protecting themselves than doing what is morally right. Grievances are going unresolved and sent through Durkin’s maze of a shell game.  Teacher evaluations, in some cases are not genuine but are condoned by the administration as a means to an end. Observations are unprecedented in terms of their occurrence. Student behavior and discipline at all levels has become a growing concern and teachers are feeling a growing concern for their safety and that of their students.

These issues have been raised time and time again however the mayor and the media choose to blame the union and characterize the union as a single member Lou St. John. The vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” was voted upon by 577 teachers in the city ofNew Bedford with 5 voting in favor of Dr. Durkin and 1 abstention of 994 teachers. That speaks volumes.

“Blowback”, Mr. Mayor?

I think not!


Anonymous said...

Mitchell is passive and prefers to sweep issues under the rug until the escalated. Then he punishes teachers. Regardless of who he interviews with, he does not look them in the eyes. He did us dirty but has no conscience or self-respect. He is a politician. Remember these famous words, "I did not sleep with that woman." (clean version)

Anonymous said...

Once again mitchell is trying to blow wind out of a blowhole. The news media senses he is a crock. They must remain professional, but their hearts lie with the teachers.

Anonymous said...

Our students' security has been snatched away so violently and inhumanely. This is a harmful message to send. Greed evaporates morals and ethics. Dirty politics and deception wrapped in cellophane.

Gen Eric said...

Those who are most insulated from the results of their policy decisions tend to make to worst decisions.

All hail the Elephant!!

Anonymous said...

Let's be sure to give Mayor Mitchell and Pia Durkin a resounding chorus of "BOOS" when they deliver their propaganda speeches to open the school year.

Anonymous said...

The "BOOS" idea sounds good, but will it drown out all the clapping from the TFAs?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a Nazi salute would be better?

Godwin's law?