Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning .....

A social justice movement is bringing sweeping change to teachers unions

spring cleaning
When we last paid a call upon those nemeses of all things excellent, the teachers unions, we found them in a sad and sorry state. Exuding anodeur of mildew and mothballs, even their ability to stifle innovation and lower expectations seemed in doubt. But it turns out that whilst we were reading (every day and everywhere) about the unions’ demise, something rather unexpected, not to mention frankly exciting, has been happening within their ranks. In short: a social justice movement is bringing sweeping change to teacher unions. Will yours be next? 


Anonymous said...

Today in scholastic reader was a story about the "mill" girls of Lowell and how at the age of 10 girls would go work in deplorable conditions in order to earn money for their families.
This resonated with me on so many levels in terms of the current situation in our fair city: a once proud mill city built on the backs of poor workers; often women and these workers formed unions and guilds to better conditions for not just themselves but for all.
What will this current movement in education reveal? Why do mayor Mitchell and dr. Durkin think that teachers unions had to evolve? A whole group of workers mostly women who were underpaid and exploited, teaching and mentoring those that can not advocate for themselves!

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