Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Bedford Educators Association Presents Friends of Education Awards

On Tuesday June 17, the New Bedford Educators Association presented its first annual Friends of Education Awards to two city residents.  Carol Strupczewki
and Eddie Johnson were recognized for their efforts on behalf of New Bedford’s students and teachers. 

Carol Strupczewki taught at New Bedford High School for thirty-one years before retiring nine years ago.  Eddie Johnson was a member of the Superintendent’s Roundtable and assisted with the district’s efforts to implement an environmental science curriculum.

The pair received their plaques during the Association’s annual celebration for the district’s retiring educators.

Mr. Eddie Johnson

Ms. Carol Strupczewski


Anonymous said...

This is an inaugural award. Now that we have honored our only two friends, should we prepare to rename it: The Kinda Not Totally Against the Teachers of New Bedford Award?

Anonymous said...

I would like to Congratulate both of you. Truly deserved!!