Saturday, July 12, 2014

Farewell video message from Paul Toner and Tim Sullivan


Dear MTA Members,

As our terms as MTA officers draw to a close, we want to express our thanks to all of our MTA friends and colleagues. It has been an honor and privilege to represent you at the state and national levels.

Our years of MTA leadership have been enormously rewarding. We are proud of the fact that Massachusetts students continue to rank at or near the top on national and international assessments. Their success is the product of your dedication and care.

We are also proud that - at a time when public employee unions across the nation have been under sharp attack and employee rights and membership have diminished- the MTA has continued to be a strong voice for educators, sound educational policy and pro-public-education candidates. We have protected members' collective bargaining rights and Professional Teacher Status. We have seen our membership grow by more than 6,000 and the average teacher's salary increase by approximately 30 percent since 2006.

We are profoundly gratified that with the help of our members, the MTA has continued to move forward, even during the difficult economic times we have been through during our tenure as association leaders.

We have maintained stability, and we have balanced our budgets. We have adopted an organizing model that builds strong local associations from the ground up - and we know that this work will continue in the months and years ahead. We have created successful partnerships with like-minded civic and education organizations in Massachusetts and beyond, and we have continuously looked to build bridges in support of human and civil rights and social justice.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and the coming school year. Once again, thank you for all you do for your students and for public education.

Please click on the picture or the link below to view our farewell video e-mail.


Paul and Tim

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Paul and Tim's
 Farewell Video

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