Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Less Testing, More Learning" Massachusetts campaign .... Alain Jehlen

A group of teachers, parents, and other community members are launching a statewide campaign to roll back high-stakes testing in Massachusetts. (Some people from this list are already involved.)

We will: 
  • hold forums and other actions this fall, 
  • settle on specific demands over the next few months, 
  • present them to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the legislature. 
Leaders of both state teachers unions, Citizens for Public Schools, FairTest, and other groups are taking part. We have school committee members, superintendents, and principals, too. 

There is a growing consensus that over-testing is hurting our children. Even leading test promoters like Bill Gates and Arne Duncan finally admit there's a problem.

Please join us! 

For a start, please like our Facebook page, Less Testing, More Learning MA, and ask your friends to like it. 

If you can help organize a forum in your community, write a letter to the editor, or want to help in other ways, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

May I live to see the day. May my teaching colleagues have the stamina to wait.

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