Monday, November 10, 2014

What can you do to prevent licensure tied to evaluation?

Performance-based Licensure
The MTA is turning up the heat in fighting DESE’s “performance-based” licensure proposals. If you haven’t already sent an email to state education officials expressing your opposition to this plan, please click here and do so TODAY.
This past weekend, the MTA Board of Directors voted 52-1 to reaffirm MTA’s clear opposition the various policy options DESE is considering to tie your license advancement and renewal to your local evaluation or your students’ test scores.

In addition to the emails, we are organizing a strong presence at the DESE “town halls” on this issue in Malden on Nov. 19 and Bridgewater on Nov. 20. For those who can, please join us to show our union strength and send a clear message to DESE about these plans: NONE OF THE ABOVE!

The commissioner has received more than 5,000 email messages about his proposals already. Let's double that!

Attend a DESE “Town Hall meeting” Wed. November 19th4:30 – 7:00 p.m., Malden High School

Attend a DESE “Town Hall meeting” Thur. November 20th4:30 – 7:00 p.m., Bridgewater State University


Anonymous said...

Just read ST article 11/7/14about the "Bumpy start to school year" at NBHS. Amazing that headmaster to date still does not know how many teachers they are short. Also declined to say why school books wern't available for all students. Boy, has she been coached by the supt.!! The headmaster ends up looking stupid. How to fall on the sword, Kathleen!!

Anonymous said...

If you really believe she doesn't know how many openings she has then shame on you. Next year she'll have even more.

Anonymous said...

I can name every opening at my 200 person place of employment.
That may be becasue we do not berate, belittle or fire 1/3 of our staff, and have had no change of leadership in 25 years.

Anonymous said...

do you think MD licensure would ever be tied to Patient outcomes, rehospitalization rates, patient satisfaction or outcomes?! think again!
Nurses?- no
Chiropractors?- no
Pilots airline crash statistics?- no

Anonymous said...

Think if we evaluated the commissioner ,it wouldn't be pretty. Time for him to retire...too old...