Monday, January 26, 2015

Charter Cap ‘n Gown II: The College Years .... Edushyster

A new report finds that Boston’s charter high schools are sending kids on a path through college, one at a time…
kindergarten_cap_gowns‘Tis time for another stroll down the path to college, reader. Alas, you will need to *suck in your gut* for this one as this path turns out to be even narrower than when last we stepped upon it. The occasion for our ramble down readiness way is a new report on college completion by graduates of Boston high schools. Alas, alas, the report, which was supposed to confirm, once and for all, Boston charter excellence, fell a tad short, finding that grads of BPS high schools were more likely to complete college than their charter peers. But a deep dive into the data reveals that there’s even more — or rather, less — to this story than meets the eye.

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