Monday, June 1, 2015


Members spoke out - at forums, at in-district meetings with legislators, and at school meetings across the state, about high stakes testing and the negative impact it is having on students and on education overall.


MTA listened.  Together with Government Relations, a legislative package, which included a bill to address high stakes testing was created and sent to Beacon Hill. Fifty-three (54) legislators signed on to sponsor and co-sponsor H340- An Act Relative to a Moratorium on High Stakes Testing and PARCC.


This bill is coming up for public hearing this month. We must continue to push this bill in the coming days.  MTA is asking members to do one or more of the following actions in support of H340.


To gear up for the Week of Action, MTA President Barbara Madeloni is hosting a telephone town hall meeting for MTA members. The town hall will give members a chance to discuss the impact of high-stakes testing and Week of Action activities.


How to Participate:


If the MTA has your phone number, you should be called within a few minutes of 7 p.m. on June 3. Just pick up your phone to participate. If you prefer, or if you were anticipating a call but do not receive one, feel free to call in at 7:05 p.m. The toll-free number and access code follow: 

  • Call-in number: 855.756.7520
  • Conference number (when prompted): 28823#


Anonymous said...

Full day of school for teachers on the last day. What's the point!!!!!!!!!!! Like the year wasn't long enough. Way to win hearts and minds. Way to lead.

Anonymous said...

Why not go ahead and take the day off? Doesn't sound like you'd be much of a loss to the district. Got to love the commitment.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster you have no idea what it means to be a teacher in the school system...every single teacher is you get your lunch and break every day you ..............

Anonymous said...

Actually - the first poster ( lets call the poster Lesley) is not committed. By definition. Lesley wants an easy day. That's not commitment. Lesley truly thinks Lesley is owed an easy day. But it's worse. Not only does Lesley want an easy day, Lesley attacks the leadership for not giving Lesley the easy day. That's only one teacher. I'll assume the others are committed but there is definitely one that is not. Do you think there are two, ten?

Anonymous said...

Lesley probably does more by 8:15 than you do all day. There are no easy days when you work for the NBPS.