Tuesday, July 21, 2015

SEI Endorsement and RETELL Advisory No. 12

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Fall 2015 Course Registration  

  For more information, go to www.massteacher.org/ell

 Fall 2015 SEI Endorsement Course Registration

This is the final year that no-cost SEI Endorsement courses will be offered by the DESE.

Course registration begins Aug. 3. 

 The site will not go live until then.

All educators eligible for a no-cost SEI Endorsement course are advised to register for a fall course or add their names to a waiting list promptly after registration opens.

Adding your name to the waiting list provides an authentic count of how many educators still need to take the course.  The registration system will have additional details about the waiting list.

Link to the registration site:  http://www.doe.mass.edu/retell/


Enrollment in SEI Endorsement courses will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Before you enroll:

  • Have your personal/professional calendar at hand.
  • Update your ELAR account.
  • Confirm your Massachusetts Educator Professional Identification (MEPID) number.  Click here to find your MEPID Number.
  • Write it down and keep it handy.
  • If you do not have an ELAR account or a MEPID number, you will need one to register.  Instructions are provided on the course registration site. 
  • Click here for RETELL Customer Support.

Canceled Courses:


If you are enrolled in a course that does not have an assigned instructor (i.e., "Facilitator TBD") and that course (or any other course) is ultimately canceled, you should attempt to register for another course or place yourself on a waiting list.  


If you are unable to find an open seat in a fall 2015 course and place yourself on a course waiting list but you are not accommodated in that course, you will have an opportunity to find a course in spring 2016. Those on fall 2015 waiting lists will have priority in registering for spring 2016 courses.

 Who Must Obtain the SEI Endorsement?

Educators required to obtain the SEI Endorsement include:

  • Core academic teachers who have, had or will have one or more English language learners (ELLs) in their classroom during their district's cohort training window.
  • A principal/assistant principal or supervisor/director who supervised, is supervising, will supervise or will evaluate one or more core academic teachers of ELLs during their district's cohort training window.

Core Academic Teachers:

  • Teachers of students with moderate disabilities.
  • Teachers of students with severe disabilities.
  • Subject-area teachers in English, reading or language arts; mathematics, science; civics and government, economics, history, and geography; and early childhood and elementary teachers who teach these content areas.

Pending Initial License:

If you have a pending Initial License application and you are missing ONLY the SEI Endorsement, you may apply for a Commissioner's Determination to extend the validity period of your Preliminary License.  Click here for the Commissioner's Determination Guidelines and Application.

What Happens If I Do Not Enroll or Earn the SEI Endorsement?

If you are eligible and do not enroll in a course during the 2015-2016 school year, you will forfeit your no-cost opportunity to earn the SEI Endorsement.


If you are eligible to enroll in a course and do not enroll before Jan. 2, 2016, the department will assign you to the 2015-16 cohort year. If you do not earn the endorsement by other means before Aug. 31, 2016, you will not be eligible to renew, advance or extend your core academic license(s) until you earn the SEI Endorsement. The lack of an endorsement may affect your employability.

 Who is Not Eligible to Enroll in a No-Cost SEI Endorsement Course?

You are not eligible to enroll in a no-cost SEI Endorsement course if you:

  • Are not a core academic teacher who has, had, or will have one or more English Language Learners (ELLs) in your classroom during your district's cohort training window.
  • Already took the department course and failed it.
  • Previously registered for the course and canceled your registration after the deadline without an approved reason.
  • Registered for a course, but did not either attend or cancel registration for an approved reason. 
  • Have not been granted a hardship exception.
Core academic teachers who were never assigned an ELL student during their district's cohort training window are NOT required to earn the endorsement.  After July 1, 2016, any non-endorsed core academic teacher who is assigned an ELL student will have one year from the time of that assignment to earn the endorsement.
 Other Routes to the SEI Endorsement
  • Endorsement is included within an approved educator preparation program.
  • Pass the SEI MTEL at a cost of $185. 
  • Possess a valid ESL/ELL license.
  • Possess a bachelor's degree in a DESE-approved major, or a DESE review of prior graduate level training/coursework.
  • For-cost endorsement course provided by an approved vendor.

For-cost SEI Endorsement courses can be found at


You must still apply for the SEI Teacher Endorsement through ELAR. For application instructions see How to apply for the SEI Endorsement.

If you believe you may qualify for the endorsement, you may submit materials to the Office of Educator Licensure for a no-cost transcript review (see link to instructions, above)
You Must Still Apply for the SEI Endorsement

All educators who qualify for the SEI Endorsement must apply for the Endorsement via ELAR no matter which route they follow. Applying is free and only takes a minute. Complete your SEI Endorsement application online by logging in at 

Hardship Exception
 If you are unable to participate in or complete the SEI Endorsement course, you may apply for a hardship exception.  You must be able to demonstrate hardship consisting of "serious illness or injury, or other circumstances that are beyond your control." Click here for the hardship application.  Because this is the final year of the no-cost training, however, the DESE will not be able to provide you with a no-cost opportunity to take the course if you are granted a hardship exception.
What Happens after July 1, 2016, for All Educators? New PDP Requirements


If your professional license renewal date is on or after July 1, 2016, the following PDP requirements will be in effect, even if you choose to renew before your renewal date.


150 Total PDPs

Minimum 60 PDPs in content

Maximum 30 PDPs in pedagogy or content

Minimum 15 PDPs in ESL/SEI

Minimum 15 PDPs in SPED

Maximum 30 Elective PDPs


PDPs earned from the DESE SEI Endorsement courses or trainings:

1.  May be counted as "content," SEI or elective PDPs.

2.  May roll over into the next license renewal cycle if you already hold the 150 PDPS outlined above.


The SEI MTEL does not count for PDPs.
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For more information visit www.massteacher.org/ell


Anonymous said...

Spanish classes should be offered to all students Pre-12. An argument could be made that it should be mandatory through the 8th grade. Could possibly save the city in as little as 6 years. Think of the Return on Investment. Does this make sense to anyone?

Anonymous said...

This endorsement course has nothing to do with teaching students Spanish or any other foreign language. It has become another course Massachusetts educators must take to maintain teaching credentials in this state. The content includes teaching strategies that benefit all learners but its purpose is to make content accessible to students whose first spoken language was not English.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of the charter of the course. It was a colossal waste of the time and money, and the majority of my colleagues agree. What is being done for English speaking students in assisting them in learning Spanish, for their future. That is the point.

Anonymous said...

This cracks me up because they require all core academic teachers to take this, but co-curricular classes become the "dumping ground" for ELL's to "fill their schedule". Obviously, not actually looking at what will work for our students, but playing the game for the state.

Anonymous said...

I think it prudent during the next School Committee meeting that the Superintendent Durkin inform everyone of the positions yet to be filled in the district.

Anonymous said...

Correct! The district does not need a replay of the situation that occurred last year. The school committee needs to be proactive and micro-manage this aspect of the hiring activity and not just wait until the monthly meetings to ask relevant questions or to get an update.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone on the school committee reviewed with the Superintendent last year's new NBHS hires at the administrator level to see how they are working out. I have heard that not many of these new hires are even there now. Is that true, and why? According to the Superintendent, these people were critical for the successful turnaround. I know the principal is gone, but what about the others?

Anonymous said...

Well headmaster Dawson - gone,9 - 10 principal - gone, CIL Sped - gone, guidance counsellors (at least 2) gone, lots and lots of teacher movement; AP award teacher - gone, Schedules still in flux.

Anonymous said...

A lot can be learned through exit interviews to help an organization improve or verify processes or procedures, or to expose / give possible solutions to gaps. Does this happen when an employee leaves the district by either the superintendent or school committee individually or in collaboration?

Anonymous said...

Here is what i assumes happens during the exit interview; Durkin: If you keep your mouth shut as to what happened here in NBPS we will not write anything negagtive about you on a reference report for your next employment. Seriously an exit interview??? Talk about naiveté!

Anonymous said...

This group would be taking one hell of a chance with possible public dis closer of what actually happens in the New Bedford public schools if it were to have exit interviews,,,,,,,,,,,very dangerous ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

An exit interview sounds like good professional business practice for a person or group (school committee) who runs a 120 million dollar organization. Poster is onto something.

Anonymous said...

They know why everyone is leaving,they drove them out............

Anonymous said...

an exit interview occurs in an organization that values its employees, its work product and a transparent process. none of that happens here. poser is correct people just want to get out with their heads down. education is small anyone can be black balled