Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Urge Legislators to Support MTA Priorities in 2018 Budget

We need your continued advocacy!
The Senate has approved its state budget for fiscal 2018, and now a House and Senate Conference Committee is working to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the spending plan.

Please click HERE right away to urge members of the Conference Committee to support MTA's priorities, which include:
  - Senate-approved funding levels for Chapter 70 aid.
  - Senate-approved funding levels for the University of Massachusetts, state universities and community colleges.
Also please let the members know you support the following important policy provisions:
DDMs: Eliminate the use of student test data in educator evaluations.
Foundation Budget: Implement the findings of the Foundation Budget Review Commission and require the state to develop a schedule for funding.
Line-of-Duty Benefit: Make families of all public-sector employees eligible for a $300,000 benefit if the employee is killed on the job.
Group Insurance Commission Composition: Create two additional labor seats on the GIC and require at least two public hearings prior to a board vote on plan design changes, such as increasing co-pays and deductibles.
Finally, add your voice in opposition to the Sick Leave Accrual Cap, which would place a cap on state employee sick time. This issue belongs at the bargaining table.
Don't delay! Click HERE to send your message.  

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