Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Bedford mayor says finalists in schools superintendent search to be announced publicly

"I want to make sure this is done the right way, and that's why I'm following a process that has been used at universities," Mitchell said. "At the university level, they know that ... hiring new leaders are important decisions, and ... I believe we should hold ourselves to the same standard."

According to the Standard-Times, Mayor Mitchell's postion on the superintendent search process differed from what he had said previously.

"I'm glad to see that (Mitchell) now believes that process should be open and transparent," said Editor Robert Unger.

According to the mayor, the newspaper had mischaracterized his intentions for the superintendent search.


Anonymous said...


There’s a lot of flip-flopping going on out there.  No, I’m not talking about the 2012 London Olympics.  All the mental gymnastics are occurring right in the mayor’s office at city hall.

According to the blab sheet on Elm Street, Jon “Let’s Make a Deal” Mitchell has reportedly changed the methodology he plans to utilize for the upcoming superintendent’s search.  Bob Unger of the blab sheet claims Mitchell told him that the process would mirror the one being used to select a director for the Harbor Development Commission.  Much of that has been conducted behind closed doors.  The lack of “transparency” has been a hallmark of the Mitchell Administration.

Here comes the flip!  Mitchell claims that Unger got it all wrong.  The mayor now wants to use the formula employed by UMass Dartmouth as they sought a new chancellor.  While I’m not a fan of Unger, the man can’t be that incompetent to get basic facts wrong.  That’s Reporting 101.  Mitchell appears to be very sensitive to criticism.

Mr. Mitchell also confirmed the city will hire a search firm to aid in the intergalactic quest for a school leader.  Could that be another flip?  What happened to Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria, the president of Bridgewater State University?  Mitchell wanted Faria to lead the process.  Will it be a search firm or Dr. Mohler-Faria?  Perhaps Mitchell plans on using both.

In any event, Mitchell promised to reveal his vision during Monday’s school committee meeting.  I’m sure he and Neil Melo, the policy adviser, will have their story straight by then.  However, all bets are off if the newspaper doesn’t like what Jon has to say.

Anonymous said...

How is this process any different than the one in which Dr. Bonner was hired. You don't get to know a person from a resume or an interview. Their true character can certainly be masked. The real person comes out later, usually when it's too late.