Saturday, August 4, 2012

Openline Weekend


B. Collins said...


“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Mayoral Boxing.

In this corner, we have a real heavyweight. He’s articulate, knowledgeable, dapper, and knows how to get things done. Let’s have a big hand for former mayor Scott Lang.

In the opposite corner, we have an honest to goodness lightweight. He’s sneaky, doesn’t keep his word, fails to grasp the political basics, and is still perfecting his comb over. Let’s give it up for Jon Mitchell.”

Now, let’s get back to reality. The aforementioned never happened, but if it did, I’d put my money on Scott Lang to clean Jon Mitchell’s clock in any contest.

Mitchell’s “Lang Paranoia” is really getting the best of him. According to today’s blab sheet on Elm Street, Mitchell said “”Mayor Lang has been sniping from the sidelines almost from the day I took office, both privately as well as publicly, and he’s done it knowing full well that it will instigate fights. “I think it’s in the city’s interest that Mayor Lang show some restraint.”

His dishonor has apparently forgotten about the First Amendment. Scott Lang, and every other citizen, has the right to criticize the government. In fact, these divergent points of view are healthy for a democracy. Mitchell is hiding behind the cloak of the public good. His comments are further evidence that he is ill-suited for the rough and tumble game of New Bedford politics.

Scott Lang says he will continue to make his opinions known. We applaud his decision. Lang also gave Jon Mitchell some good advice. “He should focus on doing his job.”

Everyone knew Scott Lang would be a tough act to follow. Jon Mitchell appears to suffer from feelings of inadequacy. This isn’t an attribute that you want in a leader.

Anonymous said...

Check out Whaling City Watch:
New Bedford's (Massachusetts) Independent Voice of Truth

Anonymous said...

I may not have been the greatest advocate for the former mayor at all times, however it generally appeared that he did what he thought was fair and just when dealing with the city and it's citizens.  I always find it amazing how people like to play politics until their actions are brought to light.  Here we do not truly know the guilty party, but we can safely assess that politics are at play. We as the citizens of this fair city must pay greater attention to our leadership.

to determine who do we truly want to represent us.  To attempt to establish a pay raise that will put a part time employee at a wage that is greater than many of it's citizens at a time of economic uncertainty is questionable at best. 

Anonymous said...

Henry Bousquet is a real republican- talk the talk, 44% your pay on the quiet.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage hasn't even been increased by such a large percentage. Why should they get such an increase? They are public servants that usually do nothing but serve their own political interests. There are already enough perks that come with playing politics, now they want a 44% increase in their compensation? If they feel like they are not getting paid enough, then maybe they should step aside and allow for someone who cares more about the city and less about their compensation to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Jon Mitchell denies cutting a deal with the City Council and accuses them of trying to extort something from him.

The following are some of Mitchell's statements:
"I'm not going to get in a tit-for-tat with them about what was said or not said." 

"I want a positive relationship with the council going forward, and my position is the same as it has been right from the get-go. 

"I was open to a raise ... and I'm still open to it." "The problem was that they handled the matter poorly."

"If anything, this is an attempt to extort something from the mayor." 

Anonymous said...

Mayor Jon Mitchell accused former Mayor Lang of creating discord in the city.

"Mayor Lang has been sniping from the sidelines almost from the day I took office, both privately as well as publicly, and he's done it knowing full well that it will instigate fights."

 "I think it's in the city's interest that Mayor Lang show some restraint."

Anonymous said...

Of course Scott Lang has been sniping. Do you expect anything less from a personal injury / ambulance chasing attorney . How silly does he and Francis look for almost missing out on the 2.7 million. I don't expect the sniping to stop either.

NBPS Teacher said...

Will we receive any updates regarding how the negotiations are going with our contract? Is it reasonable to hope that issues will be resolved soon? If yes to that last question, please define soon.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor,

The 1,009 public school teachers, as well as their voting families and friends would like to thank you for allowing our expired contract to reach the 13 month mark. I'm sure the half dozen members of the UIA will be glad to take you out for a coffee after the landslide defeat the hard working public school teachers hand you in a year. We believed you when you said you were here to work with teachers and make our schools better. However, it is becoming very clear that you have sold us out for a very small group of wile saboteurs. Good luck with whatever you will be doing with your free time next year.

Anonymous said...

Whaling City Watch
New Bedford's (Massachusetts) Independent Voice of Truth

WBSM’s Report Card
As promised last weekend, here is my critique of the on-air staff at WBSM (AM 1420):

Pete Braley- Since 1989, WBSM listeners  have been waking up with Mr. Braley and “Company.”  Pete is just right for the A.M. with a mix of news, features, and light comedy.  He is always topical, never over the top, and family friendly.  Braley’s longevity at the station is noteworthy as he has survived a number of  management/ownership changes.  Grade: A-

Neal White- Mr. White has been Braley’s sidekick during morning drive for a few years and has brought a slight edge to the program.  Before coming to WBSM, Neal was the producer of the “Lander in the Morning” program on Boston’s WBMX. Neal has also worked as a weekend announcer at Boston’s CBS FM stations.  WBSM’s morning show tends to be  more spontaneous (and fun) when Neal is a solo act.  Grade: A

Jack Peterson- Jack is one of the most talented broadcasters I’ve ever heard.  While his present assignment is the morning news  on WBSM, Jack has also been a DJ, talk show host, and sports play-by-play guy.  He excels at everything!  With Jack’s natural ability, work ethic, and voice, he could have conquered a major market years ago.  Grade: A+

Phil Paleologos- I’ve already dedicated TWO posts to his abysmal performance.  Phil gets some extra points for his coverage of Tropical Storm Irene.  Grade: D

Jim Phillips: Jim’s longevity in the market makes him one of the sharpest news people around.  He’s also fair and knows which questions to ask.  Jim  has an amazing work ethic.  I’ve often seen him covering stories during off hours and scheduled vacations.  In addition to his duties as afternoon anchor, Jim is also the station’s news director.  Grade: A

Taylor Cormier- Regular WBSM listeners have had the pleasure of listening to this young man grow as a professional broadcaster.  Taylor started at the station as a high school intern and currently serves as the Saturday morning host and news anchor/reporter.  While he’s still a young man (early 20s), Taylor enjoys vintage movies, music, etc.  Thus, he relates well to WBSM’s audience.   I believe Taylor’s next steps should be to finish his schooling (He recently quit Bridgewater State University) and to analyze his on-air performances to get rid of words/phrases he uses as crutches.  With hard work and some more seasoning, I believe Taylor can make it in a much larger market.  Grade: B+

Ralph Medeiros: The owner of Ralph’s Auto Sales, Mr. Medeiros purchases the 10 A.M. -Noon slot on Saturday for his “All About Cars” Program.  This show isn’t your typical car talk show as Ralph is also knowledgeable about music, history, the economy, and current events.  He is a renaissance man.  Someone at WBSM needs to work with Ralph to have him speak louder and clearer.  Grade: B

With WBSM’s recent sale to Townsquare Media, the station has a solid foundation (except in the afternoon) of local programming.  Whaling City Watch will  keep you updated on future developments at the station.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a majority of teachers in New Bedford are not New Bedford residents. The power of the people has been greatly diminished over the years. This is one of the reasons we can be so badly bashed by those in office. I am a New Bedford resident. I vote. I am their worst nightmare.