Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your tax dollars at work: DESE Payroll - Submitted by a member

Ok, while I don't resent anyone making a decent salary, something is very wrong with this extensive DESE payroll. These salaries are mostly large and when looking at the earnings from 2011 to the budgeted salary, many seem to be getting large raises. Now add the tens of millions it costs to implement MCAS and look what we spend.

Race to the Top: A competition (extortion?) that awards money to states that implement reforms (that research says don't work) while giving the private sector a new market to capitalize on. Then when the money is "awarded", the state takes its 50% (to meet DESE's bloated payroll) and sends the rest to the cities and towns who take what they need, then they send the remaining money to the schools. Meanwhile, we ran out of pencils and dry erase markers in May so I had to go buy more with my own money. But, it's ALL ABOUT THE KIDS right?

Sorry for the angry rant, but I am, well, angry.


Anonymous said...

stats and numbers written here are inaccurate

Anonymous said...

you have dry erase markers? I still have a chalk board ... and yes I do buy my own chalk, eraser and pencils...