Monday, October 1, 2012

Innovation Schools Will Harm the New Bedford School System


*Source: Gomes and Roosevelt Innovation School Prospectuses


• The Gomes and Roosevelt Innovation schools will siphon millions of dollars from the district’s budget, much like charter schools do now.

• Their budgets will be secure and well-maintained.

• The rest of the district will have to spread its financial resources even thinner while trying to provide a quality education.

• According to M.G.L. 71, 92, “Innovation Schools may retain any unused funds and use the funds in subsequent school years.” This law does not apply to other district schools.

• These schools will create a two-tiered education system for our students.

• These schools will reduce the collective bargaining rights of those teachers involved.

• These Innovation Schools shall have increased autonomy and flexibility in all of the following areas: (i) curriculum; (ii) budget; (iii) school schedule and calendar; (iv) staffing policies and procedures, including waivers from or modifications to, contracts or collective bargaining agreements; (v) school district policies and procedures; and (vi) professional development.


Anonymous said...

The numbers speak for themselves but pollock and Lavimento are in denial mode. They need to retire and come election time we need to make sure they are voted out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post and i'm willing to do my part and so are many of my colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Let's organize and vote out those that vote for these schools. If Mitchell is willing to sell his soul to the Uia, he has to go too.