Monday, October 8, 2012

The Innovation Church… I Whaling City Watch

Our Innovation Church will be named the St. Francis Alternative Congregation.  We will be free from the restrictions/limitations placed on OLOA and other houses of worship within the Diocese.  While other churches struggle with funding, our budget will always be well-maintained and secure.  We will get to keep any excess money and carry it over to subsequent fiscal years.  Even during tough fiscal times, we’ll always have the best!

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Anonymous said...

Queen $$$$$$$$

There’s a new queen in town. More specifically, she’s at the A.J. Gomes School.

Her name is $$$$$$$$ $$$$$. She is the chief architect of the plan to bring the Renaissance Community School for the Arts to the Gomes building. $$$$$ has also arranged a sweetheart deal to become the principal of the Innovation School if the School Committee approves the final plan in January. Our sources at Gomes tell us that Ms. $$$$$ has threatened to take over the New Bedford Educators Association by running against President Lou St. John if she doesn’t get her school.

Our spies over at Gomes report that $$$$$ wants the twelve preschool classrooms to start her little kingdom. This would be a disastrous proposition as students would be displaced to other buildings. Yes, class sizes would increase elsewhere and some teachers could lose their positions. Didn’t “Moscow” Marlene Pollock just say this wouldn’t happen?

Needless to say, $$$$$’s pronouncement has ratcheted-up the tension at Gomes. $$$$$ is also reportedly miffed as a substantial number of her colleagues are wearing buttons that say “S.O.S.” (Save our School) and “We’re All in This Together…NBEA.”

Queen $$$$$ is feeling the heat. Maybe she should follow the path set by the teacher who proposed the “Leadership Academy” at New Bedford High School. He left the system this year and many were happy to see him go.