Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Durkin named new superintendent

Monday night’s speedy school committee meeting brought a resolution to the extensive search for a new superintendent. The dust cleared and the smoke settled and Dr. Pia Durkin, superintendent of Attleboro Public Schools, has emerged the victor, winning six of the seven school committee votes. One vote went to Dr. Kriner Cash (and one initially went to Dr. Stephen Zrike, but was later changed to Durkin)

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Anonymous said...


Most of us have heard the line about the definition of insanity. “It’s when you keep doing the same thing over and over with the same result.” That’s exactly what our beloved New Bedford School Committee did last night.

We feel like it’s 2008 again. That’s when Dr. Portia Bonner was brought to town as the savior of our schools after a nationwide search. Some real red flags, like her inability to work with people, were ignored.

Unfortunately, the School Committee’s choice of Dr. Pia Durkin as our next school superintendent has us heading down the same road.

Durkin is being run out of Attleboro and many teachers in that system do not have positive things to say about her. Once again, New Bedford is a refuge for school administrators that aren’t doing well elsewhere. Yes, give us your misfits and rejects. Dr. Durkin will even receive a hefty pay raise (at least $14 thousand) to come to New Bedford. What a country!

We give Dr. Durkin two years before negotiations begin to buyout her contract. Maybe she shouldn’t unpack her personal belongings. Whaling City Watch hopes Dr. Durkin enjoys the honeymoon period because her abrasive style won’t play well here.