Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The School Committee’s plan to create an Innovation school in NewBedford may be headed for a court fight.

Lou St. John, the head of the New Bedford Educators Association says he’s talking with attorney’s for the Mass. Teachers Association, and they’re not ruling out legal action.


Anonymous said...

"Thanks also to the many people who have stood with students. School Committee members Pollock, Finnerty and Livramento participated in developing thoughtful plans for bringing innovation schools to New Bedford, and took courageous votes to support them Monday. Craig Dutra and the Community Foundation supported this process from the beginning with time and resources to bring needed technical expertise to the table. Dozens of other business and community leaders have written letters, attended School Committee meetings, and supported the design teams in myriad ways."

Anonymous said...

^Why couldn't they bring innovation schools in the way ALL the others were brought in? An ENTIRE staff worked to make it happen. That is why the Gomes plan was the only innovation school plan the MTA president spoke out against.

Anonymous said...

Segregation is alive and well in New Bedford Public Schools.