Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Council wants superintendent's report on teacher assaults

Councilor David Alves

Councilor Henry Bousquet
Councilor Debora Coelho
Councilor Bruce Duarte

Councilor Jane L. Gonsalves 
Councilor Brian Gomes

Councilor Denis Lawrence, Jr.
Councilor Joe Lopes
Councilor Steve Martins
Councilor  James Oliveira
Councilor John T. Saunders


DutraCano said...

On Monday, September 16, 2013, Lou St. John brought many of our concerns directly to Mayor Jon Mitchell and the school Committee. His response was clear and to the point. He said he is not concerned by the issues St. John raised.

Mitchell went on to say that reporters shouldn't be focusing on St. John's statement. "The reality is that the school system has a lot of work to do and work is underway and it's unfortunate you guys are focusing on this one statement by one individual. "There's plenty else to write about."

Anonymous said...

Mayor Useless hired a superintendent who believes that in order to improve our schools she must beat up our teachers and that is exactly what's happenimg.

Anonymous said...

2011-2012: Under Dr. Francis/Mayor Lang there were 13 incidents of assault.

2012-2013: Under Mr. Shea/Mayor Mitchell there were 23 incidents.

2013-2014: Under Dr. Durkin/Mayor Mitchell there seems to be at least an "incident" per day.

Joe Teacher said...

"We have a terrific staff in the school system and we have a terrific leader in the school system now that will make the most of those talents and I'm confident that the school district is going in the right direction." - Mayor Jon Mitchell, September 17, 2013

Anonymous said...

My wife is a teacher in the New Bedford School System, and has been for many years, and I've never seen her come home everyday as unhappy as she has been since day 1 of this school year!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it realistic to expect teachers to reduce the number of kids receiving warning and needs improvement on mcas by 40% ? I hope teachers have a magic wand. This is supposed to happen with larger class sizes and fewer suspensions. So lets keep disruptive kids in extra large classes. That should definitely help students learn. And what good is promoting ninth graders if they don't know the material. It will be the teachers fault if kids aren't promoted. So the message is, just pass kids regardless of what they have learned.

I'm a parent said...

So his excellency is not concerned about the problems in the schools. Well , I am, and I'm voting against that %#%%% in two years.

Anonymous said...

The city council is doing what the school committee should be doing?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Councilors for supporting us.