Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our students deserve better than burned out, fearful teachers ... Submitted by a member

I have always been willing to work hard and be effective, that has never changed. This is beyond that. This is terrorism. Our students deserve better than burned out, fearful teachers. It is time to take a stand for ourselves, our students, and our community. We need to transform our schools together with agreed upon timetables, methods, and strategies. It is urgent that we turn this around before she drives us all to level 5!


Anonymous said...

Truth. Speak it. December 13th.

Anonymous said...

IT IS TIME! December 13th, is our time to be there or continue to suffer in fearful silence. We all deserve better than to watch our profession go down the drain. Obi- Wan Kenobi is not our only hope! Our unity is our strength.

Anonymous said...

Friday, the 13th---Pia Durkin as Jason Voorhees. Now playing in a school near you.

A psychological thriller that will have you questioning your very existence.

1/2 Price admission expected after the holidays. Will not stay here long!