Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to basics ... Submitted to NBEA

As a mother of three children who are dedicated teachers in the New Bedford School system I know what they are going through first hand! They use to love their job and teaching but now are under so much stress .... I have one contemplating switching school systems and another changing to a different career totally!! I voted for Jon Mitchell and supported his campaigns but where is his support now? This new concept of teaching and disciplining is not working! Parents do not even know half of what goes on at N B H S and I am truly concerned that we may become another statistic you see on the National News! Lets get back to basics both with the teaching concept and with some strict rules for Students and their Parents to follow!


Anonymous said...

My heart would be hurting if I had three children working in this district. I remember how upset my dad would get when I told him about my working conditions here in NB.

Anonymous said...

I hope that other inner school districts are not run by people who are so out of touch with reality. Fools.

Anonymous said...

Strong foundations, just like in construction, make better students; otherwise, the student will become frustrated when he/she keeps falling behind year after year and will eventually start acting out as they move on to higher grades.