Sunday, December 15, 2013

Teaching is my passion, my life .... Submitted by a member

To all in NBPS~

I teach... it is my passion 
My heart and soul I give 
Sometimes it's never ending 
But it is why I live

No money for the children 
And not enough supplies 
They retain fewer teachers 
And increase classroom size

If children are our future 
And they are to succeed 
Why take from the most needy 
With selfishness and greed

So now the new agenda 
Consists of nothing more 
Than Rigor, Testing, Rigor 
You must teach Common Core

The children aren't progressing 
And they know what's at fault 
But let's just blame the teachers 
Whose skills they must now halt

Demean us in the public 
And make us look like fools
While we're so busy striving
They're ruining our schools

Use fear and retribution
On those who don't comply
It's loss of jobs or progress
Just make them choose a side

If still we do not cower, 
They take it to the press 
A full page ad should do it 
With names that will impress

My fate has been decided 
By how my kids perform
Regardless of my effort
It's now the "perfect storm"

But I won't cave to bullies 
Without an ounce of proof 
It's just another tactic 
To try to hide the truth

Morale is still an issue
But let's make no mistake
Just throw in some semantics
And blame it on the state

I teach... it is my passion 
My heart and soul I give 
And no you cannot break me 
I teach... that's why I live

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Anonymous said...

Whoever posted this ... Thanks a million! It is the reason I will get up and go to school tomorrow - stay strong NBEA!