Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Will somebody ever say what needs to be said? ... Submitted to NBEA

Regarding the article by Steve  DaCosta in today's paper....does anyone think that the Local Stake Holders Group's recommendations are nonsensical? For example, what is meant by "maintain a comprehensive high school environment in which teachers are supported to ensure that all students succeed"? Does someone believe that teachers are currently supported to ensure student success? 

"Create a culturally competent school district that knows the multiple forms of diversity........" You've got to be kidding. 

Will somebody ever say what needs to be said, parents and the community need to care about their children. They need to value a quality educational system and support the highly qualified staff that encourages student success. What needs to go are social promotion and people that think what we do every day is beneath them. All the while collecting a paycheck and running to the suburbs, laughing at us all the way. 

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Christine Adams said...

I believe in what I do! I became a teacher because I didn't want children to be treated the way I was treated in H.S.! Teaching is an ongoing journey within ourselves and the children we work with! I teach because I believe that all life has value and God doesn't create junk. Teachers need support not criticism. We are all human with our weaknesses and our strengths and no one is exactly alike. God bless all TEACHERS! (GOD meaning all life!)