Friday, April 18, 2014

New Bedford teacher exonerated in chair-throwing incident ... WPRI 12


Gen Eric said...

Roselus has been expelled? Are you sure he isn't being coddled upstairs in the main school building?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor, SC, Superintendent, and Kulak, you thought you were invincible and could throw this teacher under the bus, but you were unsuccessful. The truth was on the side of the teacher. Your actions are despicable. You can only get away with this for so long. Our CC showed a strong moral compass and had the integrity to speak up and take action where you have an ethical deprivation.

Anonymous said...

"Communication procedures need to be reviewed??" How about DISCIPLINE procedures????????? Let's take care of the symptoms and not the disease - another day in NBPS.
How it must have stuck in Durkin's craw to state publicly that teachers should not have to face this kind of behaviour.
This would have been just another "blip" in the day, or worse - another denied and buried incident, if the cell phone video had not been taken. (How ironic that a confiscated cell phone started the incident and video taken on a cell phone brought it to light.)

Anonymous said...

If Durkin stated communication procedures need to be reviewed, she is full of crap. When the thermos evacuation occurred, I tried to question her about the safety of my daughter as she was arriving. She brushed me off with a big, fat lie! She does not want to communicate. She wants full control.

Anonymous said...

Pia Durkin, what a tangled web you weave, when you try to deceive. Your words a slap in teachers' faces. You and your cronies have prevented us from any recourse and all discipline actions are squashed. You are a MAJOR LIAR.

Anonymous said...

Rochester voters tap newcomers in election

By Matthew Bernat | Apr 09, 2014


"I want to thank all of those who have supported me and have confidence in my ability to impact the Rochester Memorial School community in a positive way," Kulak said. "I am excited to assume my position on the board and get to work."