Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reclaiming Public Education Forum - January 22, 2015


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you want I think about Ed. Reform. . . . . .it's ruining our kids! Took my 7 yr. old grand daughter to the four o'clock vigil Christmas Mass with a beautiful choir, trumpets, and bugles. The mass was only an hour in length and everyone was encouraged to sing. SHE WAS BORED! Has the ed. system and electronics with instant gratification spoiled our kids? No one wants to wait anymore and be patient. It's all about "them" and "their" needs and what they want! I remember it being very prevalent in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

Remember, teachers now have to be "entertainers." We are told that if our lessons are more "engaging," we wouldn't have most or all of the discipline issues we now face. Isn't that a crock of s***. Please have these "reformers" without any teaching experience in a poor urban district show us how it is done(!). . . . . .most of them would fall flat on their faces!