Friday, April 29, 2016

On Charters, Testing, and Opting Out

Did you catch me on Greater Boston and the Boston Neighborhood Network News making the case for keeping the cap? If not, click here to see the Greater Boston segment and here to see me on BNN. 

CPS Board Member (UMass Dartmouth Professor and New Bedford parent) Ricardo Rosa has also been in the news, both on the danger of the charter ballot question and on why parents should opt out of state testing. Click here to read his oped in South Coast Today. Clickhere to see him protesting high-stakes testing and hear his inspiring comments. 

If you're looking for information about why and how to opt out, we can help. In addition to CPS's fact sheet and tool kit on opting out, check out our fact check on Education Commissioner Chester, here. Also, see the MassachusettsTeachers Association's opt-out information page, here, and information compiled by our friends at Mass Opt Out, here

And take a look at this video, with step by step instructions on how to opt out. 

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Anonymous said...

Ricardo Rosa is a national figure in this movement. I wish that I had a professor like him when I went to university.